Hungarians on Britain’s Got Talent 2013

Precisely one year ago a brilliant hungarian team appeared on the biggest British talent show, and now in 2013 it happened again. This time a wonderful story brought some tears to Amanda Holden’s eyes. (She is pregnant, so her tears don’t count) The dance company called ATTRACTION beautifully performed an emotional shadow-dance vision using Emili Sande’s well known song “Read all about it”.

If we want to be honest, have to say that the shadow-dance as a concept wasn’t the most original thing in television, but I know this team and they have so much more to offer, and by the way there was no need for a stronger piece to kill the first audition. The heart-moving story was good enough to get through. For me the most fascinating thing is not the show itself but the reactions.
Especially the hungarian reactions.

Before we go any further let’s see what did I write one year ago, and then you will see what’s changed.
Just a few days ago we watched a stunning acrobat-basketball called: TheFaceTeam in Britain’s got talent. (Let’s not forget this show is based on the clear message : BRITAIN HAS GOT TALENTS)
The show was recorded a couple of months ago but no publicity in Hungary. (The home media doesn’t seem to care about them. They were on on telly once at 2006, but still…)

And what about now, when Simon Cowel winked at them… ?
Yes the Hungarian basketball-acrobat team became a hot sensation. Why? Maybe it’s just a stupidly simple question but seriously, why does Hungarian audience need the touch of ‘’TheWest’’ ? You have no idea how many incredible talented people are there and working/producing stuff what seems to be worthless for the same audience until this “magic-touch”. What a shame…. !!
However this overly adored West is acting just so weird about their own treasures as well . (No Shakespeare but celebrities all over the place, no theatre in the television but we got the tv shows like Only way is Essex, and of course talent-shows everywhere!
Let me tell you something, because some of you might not realised that these shows are NOT about finding talents!
They are not even trying. It’s never been about the search…

A couple of years ago I was in the hungarian version of popstars as dance-coach and choreographer, so I saw what I saw! Anyhow, I am in this business for a long time and I do know what I’m talking about.
A talent-show is nothing but an organised and directed series of tv-shows. It has a structured beginning and a closing end. There are writers and directors, and a lot of editor, researcher. The dialogues, the jokes, the tears, life stories… The whole thing is created, tested, and presented by the pattern which is openly called “the bible” among professionals. I mentioned that it’s not about finding talents. Nowadays there is no need for looking. If the producer wants a dancing dog, a fire-dancing dwarf, or a blind kung-fu penguin….. they just making a few phone calls and done, the show is almost ready to run. That is why the casting agencies are for. Do you want a shadow-dance company because it was nice in the American version? No problem, if the famous Pilobolous Dance Company is unavailable or too expensive we still can look around.

If you want to put together a program the key word is :AGENCIES !
Their endless catalogue could fill up zillion tv-shows all around the world.
That is why the actual audition is mainly just a big circus . It’s part of the show… Oooo, wait a minute! The audition IS the show. Wow! So much cheaper to call talents to do a public-audition=talent-show than hire them on their terms. ( Sometimes the TV-production do that too, when the program is weak, they simply hire professionals)
And I am still talking about the same nation-favourite, uplifting, life-changing talent-searching family show! So honest, so real! They need to pretend it’s a competition and this trick not only for the gigs but they need to convince you too! Why? Because unlike a normal program a talent-show gives a good chance to make even more money with the voting system.
If not you or your mates but someone might willing to pay some extra money in order to support some of those competing (?) contestants. Did you ever made that call? The production raise so sick money on that one too. Just before you ask, yes it’s legal. No matter how merciless the contract, after it’s signed by the fooled talent/s the agreement is absolutely legal.

Oh! I didn’t want to go into that backstage shit this deep… Where was I ? Ah, the hungarian reactions.

Oh yeah! My facebook, twitter, insta, tumblr… Just gone mental ! Everyone had to say something about the hungarian sensation on the brit telly. Never mind that they didn’t care before. Just as I wrote above. They keen to like something/someone, but only after the “magic-touch” from the western world.
According to the first appearing hungarian article THE WHOLE UNITED KINGDOM is celebrating the amazing attraction’s crew! (It’s always funny to read what do we all do here in England.) Needless to say nobody remembered the basketball-acrobat team from last year.
Sad. Isn’t it ?
What’s worst than sad is rude. It’s nothing but disgracefully rude how hungarians using the heat of this new sensation. Communities, organisations who I call “Like-hunters” -sites, facebook pages are stealing footages and just uploading it to their page, and the self-promotion begins
“share this one, from our site/page ” Fck them!
These LIKE-HUNTERS do everything for a few extra likes. Unfortunately facebook somehow is still ok with that, so the audience are. Quite rude. How can you happy for something out there, but don’t care that much to support them instead those who had nothing to do with them.
Strange guy’s youtube video gets the hits, but no sign of promoting the dance-group website ( ). Why is it ok? Where are those trolls when we need them?
Like-hunter facebook pages love to ignore the original source ( Attraction’s fan page ) but it’s ok to use the contents from there.
Oh yes. Hungarians don’t do supporting, they participate. They’re not so keen on giving but more happy to TAKE part of the good thing. They don’t bothered to find the origin of the content. Most of the hungarians don’t even know how could they help with their hits and shares if those would be focusing on the original materials only.
Interesting. In a very sad way.
If something or someone succeed in an other country it means for hungarians at home it’s their victory too.
Hm. I don’t really feel so!
Or maybe it’s not a hungarian thing, just human nature.
Either way I don’t like it.
It would be lovely to see the script of the BGT2013, just to know how many episode left for the hungarian ATTRACTION! Hopefully they won’t be beaten by a dancing dog as last year.

Yep. A dancing dog was the most talented thing last year in Britain.




Update!!!!! (1st of Jun.2013) ATTRACTION is still in, see what they have done in the semi final:



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